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Conceptual renderings

At last!… we can now show some conceptual images of what a Public Art Gallery building adjacent to the Green Door property in downtown Duncan COULD look like!

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This project is based on a vision to bring our local community together through art, foremost by bringing world-class exhibits here, but also by showcasing great art from around the province and by offering educational programs for all ages. It requires a world class art gallery to host exhibits and programs of that quality, which is what we plan to fund and then build.

Image: aerial view

When communities utilize public art as a tool for economic growth and stability, they tend to thrive.

Downtown Duncan needs an anchor to attract both residents and tourists; shopping and dining naturally accompany visits to the gallery. Many local business owners have embraced this vision, which gained momentum as ‘CVPAG’ took shape.

An informal committee evolved into a Board of Directors. People with backgrounds in finance, grant writing, real estate and more have added expertise to the Board, bringing strength and credibility to the project.

Board leaders gave presentations to governments and politicians to garner support, which was enthusiastically given across the valley — former MLA Jean Crowder is honorary chairperson, and all three municipalities have written letters of support.

Image: view from Ingram Street

An offer of an historic building, The Green Door, gave further definition to the project, while until the advent of the pandemic, art exhibits in rental spaces gave concrete evidence to funders and grantors that this is a viable project with a track record of success.

Image: view from Kenneth Street

We are now very close to achieving charitable status.

All of our activities so far have been the result of the hard work of several committees: Core Funding, Public Relations and Marketing, Programming, Fundraising, Membership, and Building.

For now, we continue to plan and promote not only art exhibits in a variety of locations when it is safe to do so but also to promote awareness of and support for CVPAG, ranging from informational articles for local news sources to fundraising for projects like acquiring property adjacent to The Green Door property.

Our plan requires a ‘state of the art’ building to host the range of activities we envision. This is where you come in. What inspires you? Programs for children and teens? An evening musicale showcasing jazz or Chopin’s piano compositions? A gift shop featuring merchandise from local stores and artisans? Or the glory of great art close at hand?

Whatever your interest, there is an open door for you to enter, to participate, to contribute.

More info and images to come…

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