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Your donation benefits this community-oriented project in many ways. Foremost, it helps fund high quality, professionally curated art exhibitions. We have already launched a series of excellent shows that included not only painting and sculpture but also textiles, multimedia and performance art. They broke attendance records and received enthusiastic responses from people of all ages. And more are on the way.

It also allows us to advertise, to spread the news about who we are and what we hope to achieve, from international art exhibitions that will draw art tourism to the valley to educational offerings for all age groups. We foresee multiple benefits to our community.

And it helps us establish a permanent home for our exhibitions: a dedicated, ‘A’ class art gallery that will enrich the arts, culture, community and prosperity of our beloved Cowichan Valley.

Your donation is tax-deductible and tax receipts for your donation will be automatically generated and mailed to the address you provide in the “Donor & tax receipt information” section of the donation form.

You might also consider joining CPAG. The modest yearly fee empowers you to give input at the AGM and to join a committee and contribute creative ideas and energy. If you piggyback a monthly or annual donation onto your membership, you help stabilize CPAG financially so that its members can build momentum for this project in the community. And someday you will be among the proud and inspired people who have not only achieved something wonderful now but also helped create a legacy for future generations.