We asked candidates in the recent local municipal elections if they could support our cause…this was our question: I’m Jock Hildebrand and I am the president of the “Friends of the Cowichan Public Art Gallery Society” a registered group under the Societies Act.
We have been in existence for a year now, we have 60 plus paid up membership and we have 200 people who receive our monthly news letter.  Our intention is to bring the valley a purpose built Schedule “A” Public Art Gallery. This designation would allow the gallery to bring any exhibition from Canada and around our world.  Our honourary Chair person and Champion is the valley’s well known citizen, Jean Crowder.

Would this be a project you could support?

Michelle Staples  ELECTED  Mayor, City of Duncan

“This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for the valley and it is good to hear so many people are coming together to make this happen.”

Carol Newington ELECTED  Council, City of Duncan
“Thank you, Jock, for the email and yes this is a project that I could get behind. Yet another reason to visit the Cowichan Valley!”

Kate Marsh ELECTED  Council, North Cowichan
“I have heard about this initiative and think it would be wonderful to have a Schedule A public art gallery in the valley. Thank you for taking the initiative on this.”

Bob Brooke ELECTED  Council, North Cowichan
“What a tremendous idea! If elected I would not only support this but advocate for it.  Good Luck!”

Christopher Justice ELECTED  Council, North Cowichan
“I think that a public art gallery would be a great addition to the arts scene in the Cowichan Valley. As a photographic artist myself, I am attracted to the idea of an art gallery. But it would have a broader function. I believe that a key to our economic development involves transitioning from a resource based economy to a broader base. One key to this is attracting young entrepreneurs and other investors to the valley, those people who can live wherever they choose. Such people are more likely to pick a place to settle based on the availability of lifestyle amenities including great natural beauty and recreational opportunities, good schools and health care, and access to the arts.”

Rosalie Sawrie ELECTED  Council, North Cowichan
“Yes of course I would support a project that would bring different art exhibits from across the country.”