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Plan B: the Exhibition: A Showcase of Artistic Vision and Community Dedication

The Cowichan Public Art Gallery (CPAG) has emerged as a testament to the confluence of artistic vision and unwavering community dedication. In the heart of the Cowichan Valley, amateur and professional artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, and an indomitable group of individuals have orchestrated the creation of a thriving cultural haven. Their collective energy and relentless efforts have materialized in the form of the “Plan B” exhibition, which offers a captivating window into the diverse world of artistry that defines CPAG.

The Tale of “Plan B”
“Plan B” got its name from the quick change of plans required due to technical challenges that prevented the scheduled opening of the “Educated by a Basket” exhibition. While the “Basket” show has been rescheduled for the coming year, “Plan B” stands on its own as an innovative interim showcase of artistic prowess and creative resilience.

The Essence of Motivation
Embedded within the “Plan B” exhibition is an implicit narrative of profound motivation. It reflects the unyielding ambition that underpins the creation of a public art gallery in the Cowichan Valley—a vision driven by individuals who believe in the transformative power of art. CPAG, as an entity, owes its existence to the remarkable work of its board and various committees, a collective force that has turned dreams into tangible cultural contributions.

A Kaleidoscope of Artistry
“Plan B” is an eclectic assemblage that mirrors the multifaceted personalities of its creators. It captures the essence of artistic diversity, ranging from the meticulous strokes of professionals to the unbridled creativity of amateurs. The canvases speak in a variety of tongues, from the vast expanses of landscapes to the intimate portrayals of figurative and nude subjects.

Board Members as Artists
At the heart of CPAG’s artistic journey are its Board members and CPAG’s volunteer chairs and volunteers who have not only championed its cause but have also contributed their own creative endeavors to “Plan B.” These individuals embody a cross-section of the artistic spectrum, each offering a unique perspective.

President Jock Hildebrand, Sculptor: Hildebrand’s sculptural prowess breathes life into the exhibition, adding three-dimensional elements to the artistic discourse.
Hildebrand’s works are paintings and bronzes. They are a painting entitled “Nude” and three bronze sculptures entitled: “Hoof”, “Reclining Venus”, and “Herd”,

Director at Large – Dorian Melton, Artist: Melton’s creative range adds depth and colour to the exhibition, demonstrating the Board’s commitment to hands-on artistic expression. Melton’s drawings, and altered photos are: “Bather”, “Gillnetters 2″,”Nanaimo Tugboat”. “Rock Face”, “Rock Face 2”, and “Circle Rock”.

Director at Large – Becky Hazell, Painter: Hazell’s contribution speaks to the subtleties and nuances of watercolours, providing a rich contrast to other forms within the exhibition.

Programming Committee – Janine Duns, Printmaker: Duns is an accomplished and sophisticated printmaker with works in many private and public collections. Here she presents “Train Station One” and “Train Station Two”.

Director at Large – Chris Warren, Painter: Warren’s new adventure into the world of painting is illustrated by her two works in the collection: “Mandarin Duck” and “Blue and Green”.

Maite Urzua – Programming Chair, Painter: Urzua’s painterly landscape vision evokes emotion and narrative, weaving a compelling tale through brushstrokes and pigments. Maitea also contributed a painting from her collection: “Thaw”.

From the Collections of Board members and Committee chairs:

Secretary, Treasurer-Anne Brunet: Anne, and husband, Al’s collection includes the painting entitled “Dusk” and the print, “Journey to the Gathering”.

Building Chair – David Coulson has two paintings from his collection in this exhibition: “Pinot Grigio” and “Morning Walk”.

Mark and Becky Hazell collection: The Hazells have a fine collection accumulated over the years. Their pieces here are: “Al Caer La Tarde” (At Dusk or Twilight) and two untitled pieces by artists Peter Di Gesu and Don Li-Leger.

Volunteer Co-chair, Stella Cockett: Cockett’s collection includes the wonderful painting entitled “Slip”, a multimedia piece.

The “Plan B” exhibition at the Cowichan Public Art Gallery stands as a testament to the transformative potential of art, the indomitable spirit of dedicated individuals, and the profound impact of a cultural initiative.

The gallery is a collective endeavor that transcends technical setbacks and challenges, emerging as a testament to the power of artistic vision in shaping and enriching a community.

Visitors to this exhibition are invited to delve deep into the artistry on display, seeking insights into the motivation and inspiration of the people who have brought CPAG and “Plan B” to life, forever altering the cultural landscape of the Cowichan Valley.

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About the Cowichan Public Art Gallery (CPAG)

Founded in 2017, CPAG is working to build a world-class art gallery in the town of Duncan in the Cowichan Valley. Once completed, the Gallery will welcome exhibitions from British Columbia, Canada and the world — including engagement and educational events for the public. In the meantime, CPAG has an annual exhibition program enhancing and expanding arts and cultural opportunities for everyone. More than 400 individuals have signed our petition in favour of the project and it enjoys support from all levels of government. CPAG is a registered charity.

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