Sailing on a sunlit sea

. . .

One day, while sailing on a sunlit sea,
a storm sprang up and captured me.

Faster and faster my little boat went,
but that mighty wind would not relent.

It took me farther than ever before…
all the way to a mysterious shore.

A land of odd things I ‘d never seen,
like red foxes wearing all shades of green.

Where books (like bats) live under the shelf.
How can this be? I said to myself.

“Anything’s possible…” whispered a cup,
“just close your eyes and dream something up.”

I lay down and rested my head…
…when I woke up; I was at home in my bed!
– DM

. . .

Everything comes from somewhere

The image that illustrates this rhyme took over 30 years to arrive at its final destination.

In 1990, while living in Vancouver, I spent my summer holiday traveling around the coastline of Southern Vancouver Island sketching and taking photographs in some of the many small marinas in the area.

A cute little sailboat docked in Cowichan Bay caught my eye and I took the photograph that resulted in an ink drawing in 1996 and spawned a series of evolving sketches in 1997.

The images remained tucked away in a small sketchbook for another 23 years until they emerged at last as a large acrylic painting on board in the summer of 2021 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two years later, as I was sitting contemplating the painting on the wall of my living room; it seemed to call for a story and the first line suggested itself.

I have written only a few lines of poetry in my lifetime, but over the next few days I could not stop playing with words, sounds and images until the story was complete. I was surprised at how joyful it can feel to find just the right word or a phrase that fits snugly into its proper place.

. . .


Evolution of an image

. . .

All stories come to an end at some point

It is possible that the cute little sailboat that caught my eye that summer of 1990 may have finished its days in Maple Bay in 2019, but you just never know…it might still be out there happily scooting over the local waters.